Mr. Philip J. Frantz
RE/MAX Properties West
3995 South Bascom Ave #100
Campbell, CA 95008
Montellano Drive

Subject: Mr. Phil Frantz

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation of Phil Frantz. He is completely professional in all business matters, scrupulous in attention to detail, thorough and accurate in all transactions, and impeccable on his professional demeanor. In addition to his professional excellence, he is a man of superior personal qualities, a true gentleman with compassion, interest and concern in his clients, and unimpeachable integrity.

When it became necessary for our family to sell our home and relocate from Almaden Valley several years ago, it unfortunately coincided with a time period in our lives that was fraught with personal difficulties and for me, unexpected medical problems. The work sellers would normally assume in the selling of a home was work we were simply unable to do.

This never deterred Phil. He was fully aware at the time he agreed to become our agent that there would be additional responsibilities he would, by default, need to assume. He at no time hesitated to assist us, and willingly and cheerfully shouldered the burden of the additional work. Not only did he never complain, he took initiative by helping to locate item needed to upgrade as well as by making the necessary arrangements for needed repairs on the premises prior to the sale. Phil personally supervised and oversaw all the repair work, and inspected all completed work to assure its quality.

While this additional work took perhaps several extra months of Phil's time, I honestly think he never begrudged it. He never complained, was always very kind, supportive, and cheerful during this period of great personal stress. Phil never even hinted that he thought a larger fee than the standard real estate fee was required - and believe me he certainly earned over and above the standard commission.

Phil believes in the quality of things. He is more concerned about people than money. His satisfaction derives from a business transaction that pleases everyone, and he works very hard to make sure this happens.

Phil Frantz was a life boat in a time of great personal stress - and we could not have made it without him.

You are in the best of hands. Feel free to call me at any time.

Very truly yours,

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