Mr. Philip J. Frantz
RE/MAX Properties West
3995 South Bascom Ave #100
Campbell, CA 95008
2375 Stanford Place, Santa Clara, CA
Dear Phil,

We are writing you this letter to thank you as a letter of recommendation to other owner's that are interested in selling their home.

As a home owner, our main concern was to find a real estate salesperson that was knowledgeable with the real estate market and the needs of the seller.

As I recall I was contacted by a representative or RE/Max on your behalf to see if we were interested in selling our home. The timing was perfect as we were planning on putting our home on the market within a month of the phone call.

I remember when you came over to look at our home, the amount of time that you spent finding out about the improvements that we had done to the home, the price we thought the home was worth and any other information that would be useful in marketing our home. You also told me the things that you thought needed to be done before we put the home on the market, i.e. termite inspection prior to listing and getting any work done that was necessary, and a roof inspection and any repairs that needed to be done. You explained how you marketed the homes you have sold and got back to us with prices of homes that had sold or were on the market in the area.

As a practice I like to get three opinions. I there fore had another real estate salesman come by. Within 5 minutes he told me that he thought the home was worth and wanted to list it at a price that I thought was too low. I also spoke to the third real estate person, but he had something come up and cancelled our appointment.

After receiving the information from you, I was sure you could do a professional job in selling our home.

The next day you showed up along with the photographer. You re-arranged the furniture as to make the home look more appealing to a buyer, within a short time we had our brochures and you were off to work. The brochures were absolutely gorgeous along with the beautiful full page layout in color in Homebuyers Journal.

We had the termite work done and also the roof work done. Being handy, I was able to do most of the minor repairs work required myself. Although you said in the event I needed something done you had someone that you use. I did end up using your person for some plumbing work prior to closing.

The home was on the market for 90 days with a lot of people coming through but no offers. I spoke to you and we agreed to take the home off the market until after the Holidays. On January 10th, 1999 we put the home back on the market. We lowered the price some as you thought we were still priced to sell. Within three weeks we received three offers and with your help we selected the best offer with the best price and the fastest closing.

At the time of closing Phil had the escrow person come over to the home to have all the papers signed which saved us a lot of time.

Phil, in my estimation, is a Professional Real Estate person that covered all the bases and we would recommend him to anyone interested in selling their home.

Robert Winston and Wendy Pontier