Mr. Philip J. Frantz
RE/MAX Properties West
3995 South Bascom Ave #100
Campbell, CA 95008
564 Chelsea Crossing, San Jose
Dear Phil,

Although I think that Jim and I have made it perfectly clear how we feel about you and your professional services, I hope that by reading it, you will truly appreciate just how much the past few months have meant to us.

To remind you we have not had the best experiences with realtors and listed them slightly above the lowest of the low. We were very upfront with you. You also returned the courtesy and since April you have caused us to re-evaluate our opinion and not only respect what a REALTOR can and should do, but made the entire process painless.

In review, in early April we decided to take advantage of the low interest rates and sell our home at 564 Chelsea Crossing, San Jose. You and our son had become friends at the gym and at his request you contacted us and within an hour of our first meeting we literally put our property concerns in your hands. You not only sold our home, you did it with us out of the country and lead the buying realtor by the hand through the process. You were able to sell the home for significantly more than we had anticipated and took care of everything right down to making sure the funds were transferred to us in a timely fashion.

To anyone else reading this, Phil did not stop there. He has introduced us to Realtors in Las Vegas where we are planning to buy. He has followed through with them to assure that we continue to be helped. We will never again buy a home without such assistance.

More than anything Phil, Jim and I proudly consider you a valued and trusted friend.

Judy Kegley